Microservices Architecture Diagram Aws

Microservices Architecture Diagram Aws. All the aws resources shown in the diagram can be set up and configured using iac. Building serverless microservices on aws.

architecture diagram showing client apps
architecture diagram showing client apps from www.pinterest.com

Aws lambda will store all the data in a fully managed nosql database called dynamodb and all the static data will be stored in s3 bucket. And as a final touch, i like to add colors. The architecture starts with different types of clients, from different devices trying to perform various management capabilities such as search, build, configure etc.

Aws lambda lets you run code on demand in response to events.

This expert guidance was contributed by aws cloud architecture experts, including aws solutions architects, professional services consultants, and partners. But this article is not to discuss about any of the widely discussed topic of microservices nor docker. The diagram below details the microservices architecture: As the name implies, a microservices architecture is an approach to building a server application as a set of small services.